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All permanent jewelry sales are FINAL

Information about the chains that we offer:

14k Solid Gold: 14 Karat refers to the metal mix that is 58.3% gold, compared with 18 Karat, which is 75% gold. It is an alloy composition made of gold and durable metals like zinc, silver & copper. This sturdy blend is completely resistant to corrosion, rust and tarnish. 14K gold is used for engagement rings, eternity bands, pendants, earrings, and other fine jewelry pieces. With 14K gold, the metal is beautiful and durable for everyday wear.

Gold Filled: Unlike solid gold jewelry, gold-filled jewelry is composed of a solid layer of gold bonded to a base of another metal, such as brass. Gold-filled jewelry is waterproof and doesn’t oxidize or corrode. While gold-filled jewelry is typically less expensive than solid gold jewelry, it is more durable. With little to no care, your gold-filled jewelry will last 1-3 years.

Sterling Silver: Sterling silver jewelry is an excellent, high-quality choice. The metal will not rust or perish; if you look after your jewelry, it will look great forever! Sterling silver cleaner can revert oxidation if it happens to occur.

Care for your permanent jewelry

You can clean your welded jewelry and charms with warm water, a gentle tooth brush and dish soap. Jewelry polishing cloths also work great to get them polished up and back to their super shiny selves! Keep jewelry clean from perfumes, make-up, hairspray, lotion & other chemical products. Avoiding these instructions could result in gold filled or sterling silver jewelry tarnishing overtime.

Silver is prone to oxidation in certain conditions. The most common being chemicals (hot tub chemicals, cleaning chemicals, job related chemicals), natural hot springs, humidity and even your ph levels. If your welded jewelry happens to run into this issue, silver cleaner or silver cleaning wipes will fix it up as good as new. Or bring your silver piece back into the store and we will professionally clean it for you and then re-weld it at no cost.

Chains are dainty and fragile, keep this in mind to avoid having your piece snag on something and break! If they do break, we do not charge for fixing and re-welding.

Have you fallen victim to a dark ring on your skin under your permanent jewelry? 

This is not because the jewelry is low quality or because it is tarnishing. We only source high quality materials at honey. Yes, it can even happen with your solid gold chains. Other factors contribute to the discoloration of your skin like:

Lotions, perfume, medications and other chemical products can react with jewelry metals when it is hot and you sweat. Even PH levels and acidic sweat can cause skin discoloration to happen. (Low iron deficiency and pregnancy can cause more acidic PH levels). If you are not regularly cleaning your jewelry, the gunk gets trapped in between the links and then when you sweat, basically the dirt is coming off onto your skin. Ew! 
This is why it’s so important to listen to our care instructions for your permanent jewelry. We give you a physical copy at the end of your visit & it’s here on our website!

Your permanent jewelry is dainty and fragile. Once the piece is welded onto you, the jewelry is now under your care. It is your responsibility to care for, clean, & have awareness of your jewelry. Avoiding these instructions could result in a damaged or broken chain. Please note: we cannot replace or give credit for damaged or lost jewelry. We are happy to fix the chain free of charge. Honey is not responsible for mishandled, damaged, broken, lost &/or stolen chains or charms.

3 Point Check Test:

We will perform a 3 checkpoint test to make sure before you leave that the chain is welded properly and there are no breakages in the chain & or charms.

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