Chains for Permanent Jewelry

Please note that these chains are subject to change. We are constantly adding new chain options or often running out of best-selling chain options. Please call us to check on availability if you fall in love with one of these chains so we can check if we have it in stock for you!
For reference, average wrist size is 6-8 inches.
Also keep in mind that these metals will look different on everyone's beautiful & unique skin tone.
14k Solid White Gold
"Jessica", "Logan" and "Blake"
14k Solid Yellow Gold
Chains "Sophia", "Lauri", "Teagan", "Rose" and "Jo"
14k Solid Gold with Enamel Beads
"Malibu", "Hailey", "Winni"
14k Solid Rose Gold
Gold Filled
"Jordan", "Jamie", "Megan", "Isabelle", "Ashley", "Polly", "Carly", "Stephanie", "Tori", "Shelby", "Sydney", "Emma", "Sarah", "Taylor", and "Lexi."
Gold Filled with Enamel Beads
Black, Green, Turquoise, Blue, Pink, Hot Pink, Red
Rose Gold Filled
"Eloise", "Josie", and "Delaney"
.925 Sterling Silver
"Bailey", "Millie", "Alex", "Kate", "Molly", "Corey", "Ava", "Charlie", "Frankie", "Maddie", "Taylor", "Avery", "Kailey", "Amara", "Polly"
.925 Sterling Silver with Enamel Beads
White, Turquoise, Orange, Black

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