Permanent Jewelry Repair Policy

All permanent jewelry sales are FINAL once we custom fit and cut the chain to you.
We do not have any re-welding charges. Whether your chain coming off is due to medical reasons, breakage, or if you want to switch wrists... we will take care of that free of charge.
If the chain is not chain from honey, we do have a small re-welding fee.
If your permanent jewelry breaks due to a faulty jump ring issue, we will fix it at no cost to you.
Please do not ask for replacement permanent jewelry if you have lost the item. If there is no physical chain to fix, we cannot replace it.

Permanent jewelry can be very durable when treated with care. But remember, it is fine, dainty jewelry. If your bracelet gets snagged or pulled hard, it could snap, or stretch just like any other piece of jewelry. Your jewelry could even snag unknowingly (like in your sleep). Come in anytime to have us inspect your jewelry.

After we perform our 3 point check on your jewelry, it is then up to you to take care of it. Honey is not responsible for stolen, lost, mishandled, damaged, or broken jewelry &/or charms

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